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When you hire a caterer your expecting several things, professionalism, great food, great service and a great time. Well let me assure you that we provide all of that and more! We have all brand new portable equipment that allows us to cook at any location. We can work with fixed price menus like you'll find on the menu page or we can create a custom menu based on your favorite foods and you budget.

For many years we have traveled many miles all over New England & the Tri-States. Starting this season and for the future we have decided to limit our travel distance to 75 miles in any direction starting from our hometown of Danbury, CT.

We have also decided that we will no longer offer pig roasts. It's been our experience after cooking many hundreds of whole hogs that most guests are more interested in a quality meal vs the novelty of roasting the pig. Some folks enjoy a traditional roast but we have also found some to be bothered by it. We want everyone to enjoy everything we serve and enjoy watching us cook right there on-site in our open kitchen, we encourage everyone to stop by and talk with us! We promise you that we can cook many other pork items that will out flavor and be more succulent than any pork from a whole hog. 

​Pork is cooked to juicy perfection when you have an internal temperature of 145F. In order to remove the meat easily from a whole hog and minimize carving which will yield less product, the hog must be cooked to an internal temperature of 190F-200F which means your meat is well over cooked, quite dry and tasteless.

Our Food

“All Smoked Up BBQ is the only way I roll, the best!”

Jimmy Quinn

 “The best Mac & Cheese ever. So cheesy and delicious!”

Darlene Moorhead

     Classic Mac & Cheese

We specialize in fresh Classic American BBQ and Comfort foods. We do not used canned food, frozen food. Our BBQ sauce is a tomato based sauce made with fresh marinara, cider vinegar, brown sugar, fresh honey and other all natural fresh ground spices. All of our meat products are dry seasoned prior to cooking and BBQ sauce is available on the side, we do NOT sauce any of our meats we leave that up to you and your personal taste. We also use Scott's Eastern North Carolina vinegar based BBQ sauce shipped ti us straight from Goldsboro, NC.

Because we prep and cook on-site for all events we typically arrive 4 hours prior to meal service, if your having waitstaff they arrive 2 hours prior to meal service for a minimum 6 hour shift. We can give you a referral for bartending services and waitstaff -  Ben & Jerry's in Mount Kisco NY does fantastic Ice cream cone & cup bars as well as sundae bars. We prefer to see a 60 minimum guest count however, we will do smaller parties but for the purpose of full disclosure smaller parties can cost as much as a larger event.

The service we provide is known as an action station. We do not do a buffet service, we set up a small kitchen area on-site where all of the food is prepped and cooked and you and your guests come right to the kitchen where we will serve you hot off the grill, right out of the Asian steamers or from whatever equipment we are using it depends on the menu you select. No one else in the area offers this type of service, it's fun, it's exciting and it's as fresh cooked as you can get.

Your food is not sitting around over-cooking in a chafing dish and you have the opportuniTy to talk with us and ask questions if you like! Once everyone has been fed we will clean up our kitchen and leave for the day and let you enjoy your meal.

​All of our cooking equipment is mobile so we are not restricted by small yards we can get into any location and be a fun part of the event. We haul our equipment in a 14' enclosed cargo trailer so we will need space to park the trailer either in your driveway or your yard.


Yes we take it right to the game at Met Life Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ, let us do the cooking for you while you get warmed up for the game! We limit the guest count to 60 guests which allows us the time needed to get the job done. Gates for all games & concerts open 5 hours prior to kick-off so we have to get in, get busy and get you fed before you head into the game. See the menu page for the tailgate menu and pricing.

10% Veterans discount with proof of military service.

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